Under President Trump

Some say this was all about economics, that only during hard economic times could someone ride a wave of antagonism and hate all the way to the White House.

Others say it’s all about race, about racists wanting to be openly racist again, or more openly racist than they’ve been.

Some say it’s all about Obama.

Still others blame the culture’s misogyny and machismo: “A lot of people just didn’t want a woman in the White House,” they say.

I’ve just been listening, asking questions, trying to get my head around everything that’s happened so far, trying to strengthen my social bonds to prepare for what comes next.

I haven’t had any idea what to say since November 8th–the bewildering horror of it all.

It’s an uncertain time, a time of shock and disappointment and fear. I doubt one mediocre speech before Congress in a much nicer suit didn’t make many people in my circles feel any better. Sorry, Mr. President.

What’s next?