Night Off #njpoet


I keep writing these blog posts every day. I don’t know why. I don’t know what I’m trying to get at. I think I’m just trying to get shit out. Anger. Grief. Fear. An ocean of sadness over everything I’ve seen, heard, and experienced in the United States since 9/11, since high school, since birth.

But tonight I’m just exhausted. I didn’t sleep well, tossing and turning, enormous things gnawing at me.

I did my meditation and freewriting this morning, I’ve been outlining blog posts and books all afternoon, and my reading list for today is complete. So, I’m taking some time off tonight. No long read. Just this little note. If you need me, I’ll be listen to some music and letting my mind wander on Twitter.

More tomorrow. Enjoy this poetic video until then.


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