New Author Blogging

“You should blog every day,” says my new publisher.

He wants me to blog about every aspect of the publication process, so far, which has been more intense than I could have imagined. He wants me to talk about working on the drafts with him, about how many times I’ve been reduced to tears by my own book. But he also wants me to write about the painting that was created especially for the cover, and the team of editors and formatting experts who are ready to produce the book once all the various pieces are ready.

My other blogging assignment, from now until the publication date, is to talk about what readers should expect from the collection, to tease the new title—The Mourning After, instead of #NJPOET 2.0.—to share samples, and to tell stories about how this all came together.

In short, Stephen Moran pursued me for over a year, in the wake of my first disastrous publishing adventure, but I’m putting all that behind me.

“We’re doing important work on your book,” he says, repeatedly, encouraging me through my anxieties. “It’s a powerful anti-war statement. One desperately needed. Keep the focus on creating.”

And then he adds.

“As for you blog. If nothing else, let it be your poet’s journal.”

Yes, sir.

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