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Ronnie Moas Criticizes Corporate Greed

Word Crimes w/ Weird Al Yankovic


A brief #njpoet bio for @ArtistEmerged

Charles Bivona would tell you that he’s just trying to help his creative friends figure out ways to reach their goals, to help them in any way he can—writing letters, Twitter endorsements, all-out social media campaigns, word-of-mouth networking. Whatever helps. Otherwise, he’s reading, tweeting, listening to alternative news media, producing blog posts, and writing the first of hopefully several Kindle books and paperback poetry collections.

If you push him to be more philosophical, to talk more specifically about the social media strategy that built his audience, he frames his work as a Zen Buddhist approach to engagement based on mindfulness and honesty. With this in mind, he’s gathered an artistic social network that simmers with creativity, compassion, and humor. The writing itself, the poetic prose on his website, is also clearly informed by a Buddhist literary theory, rooted in practical teaching, mindfulness, and a vivid social reporting.

“It’s more of a life philosophy and a daily practice than a marketing plan,” Charles often says. “I’m using the web to make an attempt at Buddhist Right Livelihood, to try to make a living as a working poet in the United States.”


Charles Bivona writes regularly at and on Twitter.
Follow @charlesbivona and #njpoet.

A Poem for a Twitter Poet

[Wallace Stevens]

for @luzmcosta & @chiaradelucia 





Scientific Models Now Showing Revolt Is Our Only Chance w/ @LeeCamp

A complex computer model by geophysicist Brad Werner seems to show that the earth will not be stable for humans unless there is widespread revolt soon. This is just one of the calls for revolt echoing through our culture recently. 

Read Naomi Klein’s Article

Chris Hedges on Obama’s Decision to Attack Syria and “Give Congress a Voice” via @TheRealNews

Chris Hedges and Paul Jay discuss President Obama’s statement that he has decided to attack Syria and seek authorization from Congress . . . Even though he says he doesn’t need it.

The Intelligent Person’s Comedian: a conversation with @LeeCamp

Not afraid of stirring up controversy, Lee Camp made a name for himself when he went live on Fox News and called the network a “parade of propaganda and a festival of ignorance.”

Youth and the Politics of Disposability in Dark Times w/ Dr. @HenryGiroux

In this free public talk, Dr. Henry A. Giroux will argue that with the rise of market fundamentalism and the ensuing economic and financial meltdown, youth are facing a crisis unlike that of any other generation. Young people, especially low income and poor minority youth, are no longer seen as a social investment but are increasingly interpreted as a social problem and burden.

The talk will raise important questions regarding the role that educators, in particular, might play in challenging the plight of young people while deepening and extending the promise of an aspiring democracy.



How to Pillage the World: The Shock Doctrine w/ @LeeCamp

Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine” shows you exactly how the disaster capitalists are extracting the wealth out of our world. The book is six years old, but it continues to predict the future. This episode is a quick rundown of what it says.


MONEY: What Is It Really? (featuring Peter Joseph) via @LeeCamp

This is episode of the critically feared Moment of Clarity SHOW by Lee Camp and Coalition Films. This episode also features creator of the Zeitgeist Movement Peter Joseph! This week we discuss money—what is it really? Why does it seem we never have enough? How do we rethink it? (And Henry does not have a Twitter account.)