Under the Weather

The saying comes from a maritime source.

Samuel R. Delany, Emeritus

This morning, Facebook informed me that Professor Samuel R. Delany will be retiring from the MFA Program at Temple University.

The Right to a Hateful Opinion

His face dropped when I mentioned my gay friend’s wedding plans.

I Don’t Care Where Ted Cruz Was Born

It’s a conservative free-for-all to see who will take on Hillary Clinton in 2016!

More Snow

It’s already been rendered cliché by our mainstream media to marvel over the irony of snow on the first day of Spring.

Exit the Twitter Troll

I mentioned something about the senselessness of a system that keeps millions of people living on the street while millions of empty houses litter the United States.

The Story of My Depression, Part 1

Then I woke up on a random Wednesday in mid-July, as I recall it, and I couldn’t stop crying.

Enter the Protégé

She was an excellent student, one of my best—a brilliant, analytical mind. I quickly noticed her talents, and I thought I did a fairly good job teaching her how to use them.

The Smell of Homophobia in the Morning via @nj1015

“We need healthy families with a mother and a father for the sake of the children and humanity!!!!!” wrote Immaculate High School teacher Patricia Jannuzzi.

Cooking with Cedric Hill

Cedric stops by with his laptop, a notebook, and a zip lock bag containing the blend of spices he mixed especially for dinner.

Seemingly Optimistic

Friends and family have noticed that my mood is lighter, that I smile more, that I’m suddenly interested in things I’ve never been interested in before.

Say Uncle, Part 1

I’ve never felt that tug to become a father that other men talk about.