A Note from Luz M. Costa

Charles Bivona logs on to Twitter every day, to teach.

  • Because knowledge shouldn’t be slowly spoon-fed to you after you make a hefty deposit.
  • Because the university system is dying along with tenure and free speech.
  • Because he feels a responsibility to the human community to share the knowledge and analytical skills he tuned while earning his Masters and (nearly) his Ph.D. in Modern Literature, History and Culture.
  • Because history is happening quickly, and Twitter is recording it all.  What more could a poet / historian / cultural critic ask for?
  • Because in this economy, people need to laugh amid the corruption and violence our politicians perpetuate.

Unfortunate for him, the mind can’t live without the body, and the body can’t live without food.  So, think of it this way: he’s a subway performer—a platform artist with an income that depends on what people put in his hat—$1, maybe $2 or $5.  You’ve come to visit his platform repeatedly, enjoyed his company, and laughed at his jokes.  He’s always there for you, on his platform, when you need him most—and always with a message you enjoy, find informative, think about for days, share with others.

How many of those smirks, snorts, sighs, and signs of support you repeatedly receive add up to small donation?



Luz M. Costa


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