Writing With A Publisher

You’d think that landing a sweet publishing deal would squash any trace of writer’s block, and you’d be wrong.

New Author Blogging

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My Twitter Life: Listen To This Month’s #NJPOET Corner via @vmspod

Gil Roth of The Virtual Memories Show talks with Charles Bivona about his evolution on Twitter.

In the Backseat of a Bigot

It was several years before I joined her Dominican family, when I found myself in the backseat of a bigot.

Doing My Laundry With Jimmy Carter

“I’m no expert,” she reminded me for the second time in the conversation, “but life used to be about what you did for other people.”

Saturday Night: a true story

Years before my life without you, we were leaving the supermarket we worked for, heading out to look for drinks, to meet women, when you spotted one staggering to her knees outside the adjacent drug store.

On the Phone w/ #njpoet

At a lecture, presentation, orientation, whatever, quietly speed tapping notes into a word-processing app on my phone.

Occupy Killed the Media Star

It was a simple shot—casual, yet dynamic. The reporter would speak his lines while strolling through Zuccotti Park. But Zuccotti Park was not cooperating.

Phil Donahue Gave Me Writer’s Block

I walked into the NJ Peace Action annual dinner, a notebook in my hand, my head full of activism.

Creating Books

Books are much more than just the bound pages of a written text. A book is a collective work of art.

One More Week

Just one more week until President Trump is unleashed on the Earth.