In the Backseat of a Bigot

It was several years before I joined her Dominican family, when I found myself in the backseat of a bigot.

Doing My Laundry With Jimmy Carter

“I’m no expert,” she reminded me for the second time in the conversation, “but life used to be about what you did for other people.”

On the Phone w/ #njpoet

At a lecture, presentation, orientation, whatever, quietly speed tapping notes into a word-processing app on my phone.

Phil Donahue Gave Me Writer’s Block

I walked into the NJ Peace Action annual dinner, a notebook in my hand, my head full of activism.

The Artfully Woven Layers of Joyce Wu’s Filmmaking

The laughs come in between the everyday disappointments and small human triumphs that will make everyone see themselves in this film.

Tired of Trying: a review of Vicky Wight’s film The Volunteer

Leigh is going through something.